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Waste Management Solutions

MHM offer the complete waste management solution for any business, whether you’re a small corner shop or a large multinational organisation. With our in depth knowledge in waste recycling equipment and our vast knowledge of waste materials, MHM offer you the customer a one stop shop for all your waste and recycling requirements.

Our aim

It’s our aim to provide you, the customer, with the most efficient and cost effective waste management solution. With our in depth knowledge of the waste recycling industry we can ensure that the solution we deliver will be the most up-to-date and innovative on the market.  Working together with you to reduce our landfill and environmental impact whilst reducing your costs and ultimately adding value to your business.

How we do it

We’ll ensure that your waste materials are managed and recycled in line with up to date regulations; enabling you to always be compliant. We will turn your waste stream into a revenue source as long as there is a market for it. We’ll obtain best market rates for your recycled material at all times, keeping you informed of price trends as they happen. We will take the hassle out of managing your waste, leaving you to concentrate on you core business.

Your environmental impact

What we do today will have a big effect on our future and the future of generations to come. To this end, it’s everyone’s duty to go the extra mile to reduce our carbon footprint wherever we can. Simply recycling our waste can and will help dramatically; however, how we move our recycled material and waste from A to B has a big impact on our environment. We can help you reduce your environmental impact of transporting the waste your company produce. We will look at several baling and compaction options available that will dramatically reduce the vehicle needed to move waste from your site. This will also help to reduce traffic movement on your site reducing the health and safety risks. At the end of the day, it’s in everyone’s interest to reduce our carbon footprint and ultimately reduce the impact on the environment.

What you need to do

Call us on 01205 821 522 to arrange a free waste audit and one of our trained staff will come to your site and conduct a complete waste management audit.