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Static Waste Compactors

Our Static Waste Compactors are manufactured by us here in the UK and supplied directly to you, the customer. Whether you’re looking for a Static Waste Compactor to replace your existing equipment as a new upgrade, or you are looking for information to help with your first purchase of a rubbish compactor, you can find all the information on the products we manufacture right here, so you can make an informed decision when it comes to your waste management solutions.

We understand that for any business, space and safety are both major factors when assessing your company’s waste disposal needs. Therefore, having a rubbish compactor on site allows you to reduce the physical volume of your business waste, reduce your fire risk and the threat of vermin infestation, as well as saving your business money on waste collection costs and improving on-site hygiene, not to mention the reduction to your carbon footprint.

All our industrial waste compactors are installed by our skilled, highly trained service team; we also provide full operator training on site, meaning the user gets hands-on training whilst also becoming familiar with the compactor they will come to operate on a regular basis. For each Static Waste Compactor listed, you will find all the information that you need, including the key features of the product, additional images and any additional options that are compatible with the compactor. You can also download our handy product specification sheets in PDF format and, if you need any more information or advice, make sure you click the link to inquire.