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Semi Automatic Horizontal Balers

Our Semi-Automatic Horizontal Balers are manufactured by us here in the UK and supplied directly to you, the customer. Whether you’re looking for a baler to replace your existing equipment as a new upgrade, or you are looking for information to help with your first purchase of a recycling baler, you’ll find all the information on the products we manufacture right here, so you can make an informed decision when it comes to your waste management solutions.

For each recycling baler we supply, you will find the machine specifications, additional options available for the machine, any additional information you need to know, the suitable uses of the equipment and the technical drawings of the equipment. You can also download our handy product specification sheets, all in PDF format. Don’t forget, if you have any queries or you’re unsure about your purchase, don’t hesitate to contact us via our enquiries link at the bottom of each product page.

The Semi-Automatic Horizontal Balers we supply are generally designed to reduce the size of cardboard, paper, plastic and textile waste, so it can be easily stored in waste containers and ready to be recycled appropriately. We have semi-automatic recycling balers for sale that range in size from 40XL through to 70XL meaning we’ve got your increasing demand for waste management covered. Look no further when buying Semi-Automatic Horizontal Balers for your recycling needs.