The MHM Powerbale 40XL is the smallest unit in our Semi-Automatic Horizontal Baler Range. It has proved to be an affordable step up from the more labour intensive vertical mill size Baler. It has the smallest footprint on the market which makes it ideal for site with limited space. The MHM Powerbale 40XL produces bale sizes of 1250mm x 800mm x 1100mm (L x W x H) producing bales up to 600kg and up to 2 Tonnes per hour, depending on the type of waste materials.

The MHM Powerbale 40XL Semi-Automatic Horizontal baler is a full bale eject machine with a portcullis door and anti-wire snap technology. Wear plates are fitted as standard in the bale chamber giving the machine unrivaled serviceability. The controls have product selection capabilities for various products ensuring maximum bale weights.

Ripping teeth are fitted on the MHM Powerbale 40XL Horizontal Baler as standard. 5 Horizontal wire ties with an easy wire feed means no more climbing on a slippery machine to get the wires pulled through. The MHM Powerbale 40XL Semi-Automatic Horizontal Baler is manufactured in the UK by MHM (UK) LTD.

Press Force40 Tonnes
Loading Aperture1250 x 730
Bale Size1250 x 800 x 1100
Bales WeightsUp to 550kg (dependant on material)
Wires/Bindings5 Horizontal Wire Ties
Dimensions5130(L) x 1360(W) x 2570(H)
Machine Weight4.5 Tonne
Baler DischargeFully eject system
Baler Chamber EndHydraulic Portcullis Door
Power Supply Rating32Amp 3P + N + E, D Type Breaker
  • Custom Hopper Designs
  • Conveyor Feed
  • Bale Eject Beacon
  • Retention Claws
  • Power Pack Cover
  • Manual clamp
  • Dual Product Switch
  • Personal Safety Bar/Contact
  • Vandal Proof Box
  • Space Tidy Station (shadow board)
  • Additional Bale Exit Ramp

Hopper can be designed to suit your requirements. Overall dimensions are subject to build variations. If you have space limitations please make MHM aware prior to manufacture.

  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Textiles

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