The Jovisa CBH can baler is designed to bale tin cans, aluminium can, swarf, aluminium foil and any other smaller metal waste. The range of CBH starts from 75 tonne pressing force up to 125. This compacts the metal into dense cubes of material that are easy to move and store. With bales sizes from 300 x 500mm to 500 x 500mm they can be easily stored on pallets ready for collection. The added benefits of the CBH can baler is that there is no strapping or tying as the bales are compacted so tight.

As with most all Jovisa products, it can be standalone or incorporated into wider MRF system. It can be conveyor feed, hand feed or hopper feed under as sorting station or even part of a Eddy Current and Overhead Magnet set up. MHM and Jovisa can accommodate any set up required.

Press forcet75110125
Main motorkW18.436.82x 22
No hydraulic pump/type-1/variable flow1/variable flow1/variable flow
Bale sizemm300×500500×500500×500
ProductionP/hr aprx6090140

MHM - Jovisa Can Baler