The Jovisa PVR-1200 Rotary Baler is the perfect alternative to a vertical baler. The benefits to the Jovisa PVR-1200 Rotary Baler are low running costs, low noise emissions, small footprint and semi automatic operation.  Typically, the Jovisa Rotary Baler will give you a compaction rate of 10:1 making it ideal for smaller business, end of production lines, warehouse or anywhere space is limited and noise level need to be low.

The baler is lined with a large heavy duty bags making it ideal for complicated waste such as mixed waste and food as it is all contained with the bag.

The Jovisa PVR-1200 can be feed by hand, hopper or conveyor.

Main motorkW3
No Hydraulic pump/type-1/gear assembly
Bale Sizemm1200×1000
Weight of MachineKG1200
Bale WeightKG300-400
Plaster Bagmm2080×2300
Noise LeveldB70