The Jovisa CBC 500 is a unique machine designed to remove the waste or excess paper from a cardboard Coil/reel of paper. With its variable speed and variable height adjustments, the cutting blade can remove up to 175mm in depth of paper from a paper coil/reel up to 400mm in diameter. The cutting blade and contact with the paper is completely isolated from the operator as the coil/reel is conveyor driven in to a cutting chamber by the chain conveyor.

We believe that the CBC 500 is the only machine for sale in the UK market to safely and automatically remove excess paper from paper coils/reels.

Standard disc500mm
Motor8.8kW to 3000 r.p.m
Chain speedMax 18m/min Min 2m/min
Maximum Diameter400mm
Maximum Cut Depth175mm
Machine Width2000mm
Machine Hieght2250mm
Machine Length7650mm
Machine Weight3500Kg

Electronic height and cut adjustments.

Extra length feed conveyor

Cleaning hatch with safety interlock

Various colours.

Removing news print from rolls

Removing printing excess printing paper fro long cores

Removing various different materials from cardboard cores.

Jovisa CBC500 Reel Saw