This fully automatic horizontal baling machine is capable of processing card, paper, plastics and RDF materials without preconditioning such as straw, lucerne, etc. and fodder in general. The main characteristic of this machine is the tying system which can be vertical or horizontal with press pressure 20 to 25 tonne and a bale weight of 440kg. Production up to 2.5 tonne per hour. Another characteristic that this model has is the possibility to divide a bale in two. This machine incorporates a system to divide bales and allows easy manual handling of the bales.

Force of pressingt2025
Force of pressingkW7.515
No Hydraulic pumps/type- - - - - - -1/Gears1/Variable flow
Section of balemm550×800550×800
Section of hoppermm1200×8001200×800
Volume of theoretical balingm3/h47.576
Theoretical Production According Calculations with density 500Kg/m3t/h2.33.8
Position of tying device- - - - - - -Lateral/VerticalLateral/Vertical

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