Jovisa are specialises in metal compaction and this is vey evident in the PBH drum crusher range. These machines are built to last and delivery year in year out performance with very little maintenance. The heavy built structure ensures years or reliable and economical use from the PBH range. Options available for a catchment tray to catch residue liquids or content.

Jovisa manufacture a range of PBH Drum Crushers to cover all requirements. The PBH-25 has a pressing strength of 25 tonne which will press up to 60 drums an hour. However, the PBH- 50 has a pressing strength of 50 tonne for the tougher and more robust drums.

NOTE: The MHM Drum Press comes with a catchment tray to collect liquids as standard

Press Forcet2550
Main MotorkW5.57.36
No Hydraulic Pumps-1/gear assembly1/gear assembly