The MHM 2000sc EPS polystyrene compactor as with the 1000sc, have been specifically designed to allow them to compact larger amounts of polystyrene than our competitors machines. This is done by maintaining higher compaction rate consistently throughout the operation. This is all achieved whilst still maintenance a very low  need for maintenance.

When compacting higher density polystyrene our machines will still produce a 40:1 ratio without compromising on speed due to its special design.

The MHM 2000sc EPS polystyrene compactor is our mid range EPS machine that we offer; however,  it is capable of processing  90kg per hour.

Key Benefits:

  • No heat applied and no fumes
  • Unique cooling jacket minimizes overheating on output chamber which avoids meltdowns of compacted EPS
  • All models have a built in pre crusher to automatically break up large pieces
  • All models have automatic hydraulic control of the block density
  • Continuous safe feeding even for awkward polystyrene (no need to close a door or load in batches and wait for the batch to end before loading again)
  • Highest throughput EPS compactor versus cost
  • Compacted EPS is a valuable commodity attracting high prices
  • One man operation
Item:2000sc Polystyrene Compactor
Throughput:90 kg/h
Dimension: (LXDXH)3620x1000x2102
Loading height:1721
Loading width:830
Block Size:240mm x 240mm
Power Required:3 phase 400V 32A
  • Simple automated operation
  • Easy to use touch screen controls
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduced waste disposal costs
  • No waste to land fill
  • Can be adapted for outside use
  • Galvanized version available
  • EPS Polystyrene fish boxes
  • EPS Polystyrene packaging
  • EPS Dust
  • Polypropylene (EPP) packaging
  • Polyurethane insulation foam

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