Our vertical baling machines have the model of normal vertical balers but are different due to the option of two or three chambers. The main difference from the other balers is the hydraulic cylinder and platen can be moved over to any of the chambers in which the material is to be compressed allowing different products in each chamber and increasing production. Its simplicity and ease of working reinforces the efficiency of this sort of machine and can be used by any operator with the suitable training.

This baler is available has several models; a press force from 5 to 20 Tn, and 1, 2 or 3 chambers.

Press forceTn510
Main motorCV/kW2/1.53
No hydraulic pumps/type- - - -1/gear assembly1/gear assembly
Bale sizemm500×700700×1100
Weight of machineKg3751520
Bale weightKg50-70150-250
Minimum height of balemm22