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4 Reasons Why Recycling is Good for Your Company’s Image

Recycling and waste management goes way beyond the physical processes that a business follows to dispose of excess materials. Everything a company does both for the purpose of profit maximisation and otherwise is under scrutiny, and waste management and recycling is no exception. Here are four key reasons why a company needs to think seriously about its waste management:

1. It’s a great PR opportunity.

The way your business’s image comes across to the general public is a matter of public relations. Being able to show the general public that you’re taking your recycling responsibility seriously by investing in the appropriate equipment is something you can shout about.

There are many channels for this such as your website, in mailouts and social media. The general public is becoming more involved with and conscious about environmental issues, climate change and recycling in general. Showing your commitment is seen as positive by most people.

2. It’s great for people within the business

Everybody from front-line staff through to shareholders will hold an opinion on recycling and the environment. When a company shows that it makes commitments outside the core business model, it demonstrates how running the business isn’t just profit-driven. This gives everybody the confidence that’s there’s an observation of what’s right and wrong and that the company isn’t just another faceless business entity.

3. It can be good for profit margins

Good waste management can be cost-saving. By taking a critical look at the way resources in the business are used it can highlight where cost-savings can be made. This would show the company in a positive light to all those who share in the success of the business, most notably shareholders.

4. Attention to waste management

We live in an era where privacy and data security is being taken more seriously than ever before. The introduction of GDPR is the most obvious sign of this alongside a new level of scrutiny of social media networks by governmental institutions. Business waste can often contain personal or commercially sensitive information that should not be in the hands of unauthorised people where there’s little to no control over the spread of such information. Having a good waste management process can ensure that such information is contained within the business.

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How We Help Manage Your Waste

At MHM Recycling, we offer waste management solutions with recycling being at the heart of what we do. We manufacture and supply a wide range of equipment for recycling for both small and large-scale environments. We are based in Lincolnshire and Shropshire, but we are able to install our equipment all over the UK. We have our own MHM branded equipment, as well as other market leading recycling machinery, available both new and refurbished. MHM have a dedicated team of service engineers who operate throughout the UK.

First Steps

If making the world a better place through our waste management solutions, then the first step is to arrange a free waste audit. A member of our team will visit your site, and with full training under their belt they will be able to conduct a complete waste management audit. This will allow us to see what you’re already doing when recycling and reducing waste, and areas that could be improved. We aim to provide our clients with efficient and affordable waste management solutions based on our in-depth knowledge of the waste recycling industry and the information we can glean from your audit. Using innovative solutions, we work with you to reduce any landfill waste, helping the environment as well as your own costs, making your business even more valuable.

It may be that we stop you sending certain waste streams to landfill saving you a huge cost in landfill tax and transport getting it there and by using certain methods for example baling this waste stream turn your waste into a revenue stream. This means that you will make a saving and a cash generator for your business.

Working Towards a Sustainable Future

When we install your waste management systems, we always make sure everything is up-to-date in terms of any new regulations, so you know that you are legally compliant. We are also able to turn your waste stream into a source of revenue where we can, finding the best market rates for our recycled materials. We stay up to date on all the price trends, as well as regulations, so you don’t have to worry about it and can focus on all the other aspects of running your business.

Contact Us

For more information on our waste management solutions, or any other area of our business, please get in teach with our team through our web contact form, or by emailing us at On our contact page, you will also find any phone numbers you need to contact us directly at our main office or our Midlands division, as well as links to social media. A member of our dedicated team will be pleased to answer any questions you may have for us.

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MHM 70XXL Installed

Grupo Antolin have just taken delivery of a new MHM POWERBALE 70XXL. This is the largest of our Semi Auto Baler.

Grupo Antolin came to MHM with a specific requirement, to bale very large items that have a lot of memory. Despite extensive searching they had not managed to find anything on the market that fitted their exact requirement. Grupo Antolin and MHM took to the drawing board together and designed the machine Grupo Antolin where looking for. This has now been installed and is performing perfectly.

This is a typical example of how MHM can always find the solution to your recycling needs, whatever it is. If its not on the shelf or not been designed yet, MHM will work with potential customers so they do get what they need.



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150% Rise in Marine Waste

According to figures released by Defra, UK shores have seen a 150% rise in marine waste.

This reported by the Department for Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) on 2nd of November. in  its England Natural Environment Indicators (ENEI) report. Which is published every year to track progress on the ambitions set out in the England Biodiversity Strategy.

The marine indicator shows the number of litter items per sea floor around the UK. Litter items found in 2016 totoalled 358, 150% higher than the previous year (141).

The figure is 222% higher than the 1992-94 baseline average. In 2003, the amount of litter was almost 12 times that of the baseline average (1300), but since this peak it has fallen considerably and since 2009 remains below 400 items per km.

The indicator found the issue of marine litter to be “deteriorating” both in the short term and long term.

Sea-floor litter is dominated by plastics, which currently make up 78% of all sea-floor litter, according to the findings.

The government is currently developing a 25-year plan for the environment. The plan will draw on the information provided in these indicators and consider future requirements for tracking progress of the plan, Defra says.

More than 8m tonnes of plastic are discarded into the world’s oceans each year, putting marine wildlife under serious threat.

Up to 80% of this is estimated to have been originally lost or discarded on land before washing out to sea, and plastic bottles are a particular concern, Defra says – with figures showing just 57% of those sold in the UK in 2016 collected for recycling.


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The Cost of Failing to Recycle Waste Packaging

Cost cutter have been ordered to pay out £650,752.48 for failing to recover and recycle waste packaging properly under the Regulatory Enforcement and Sanctions Act. 

The company is donating the sum to WRAP as part of the enforcement action due to its failure to take reasonable steps to recover and recycle packaging waste.  

It has also joined the Valpak compliance scheme and paid costs to the Environment Agency. 

Several other retailers that committed similar actions and are having to pay out include Asos and Sofology.  

ASOS will pay £5201.91 to the Canal & River Trust and Sofology will donate£26,001 to Recycling Lives. 

The Environment Agency has published a list of environmental offenders forthe period of 28 January 2017 to 31 August 2017. 

For similar offences, Panache Lingerie will give £8,000 to Sheffield Wildlife Trust, Ecover will donate £22,022.29 to Marine Conservation Society and £11,011.14 to Canal & River Trust and Le Pain Quotidien will pay £13,270 to the Soil Association.

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Saica Natur New JS2000 install

MHM and Jovisa have been hard at it again, installing the New Jovisa JS-2000 150 ton Fully Automatic Baler at Siaca Natur’s new site. The team completed the install and commissioning on schedule to the delight of the customer. The customer was very happy with the the whole install process and are now looking forward to many many years of reliable baling.

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New Website up & running

MHM Recycling Equipment are delighted with the new look website. It is easy to navigate and get the information you require without any fuss. We will be constantly updating the site with up to date news from all across the recycling sector. Not forgetting new products or offers that we bring to the market. Make sure you sign up to our email list, this way you will be kept up to date at all times.

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RWM Show 2017

As always there was plenty to see at the RWM this year. Lots of the old regulars and some new faces bringing their products and ideas to the market. Here at MHM Recycling we appreciate the need to embrace new technologies and evolve with the ever changing markets and trends. Watch this space, MHM Recycling are working on major new developments in the recycling sector that will have real positives for productivity and efficiency. We are working on these new and exciting innovations as we speak and will be hopefully releasing more information soon. Stay posted for more news.

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Big visit

Siaca are readying themselves for the arrival of their latest purchase. They have invested in a Jovisa Js-2000 fully automatic channel baler. The new JS-2000 will be the first UK installation of the 2017 new chassis design. The new design is set to improve further the efficiency and performance of the full automatic baler to new levels.

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New Website Launch

MHM have been working with Freestart over the last couple of month on our new website. The new site will help you easily navigate between our products and services. More product information and the latest up to date news, events and offers

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Exciting new partnership with Jovisa

MHM Recycling, one of the most experienced businesses in the UK recycling machinery arena and manufactures of high quality recycling machinery, has today announced an exciting new partnership with Jovisa in relation to Jovisa’s best-selling ranges of fully automatic balers, shredders and reel splitters.

The agreement involves the marketing, distribution and after sales support of Jovisa’s well-proven products that have established Jovisa’s reputation in many demanding international markets. The new arrangement follows months of in-depth discussions, information sharing and agreed ambitions. MHM share the same vision as Jovisa, in offering the UK and Ireland the most robust, reliable and cost effective recycling equipment on the market. With MHM’s already renowned semi-auto balers, both Jovisa and MHM believe they have an unrivalled offering to the very competitive UK and Ireland market.

MHM welcome all enquires and look forward to providing cost effective solutions to all businesses, be it a small retail outlet or a large purpose built recycling facility.

Mark Hall, managing director at MHM says “The Jovisa range is a perfect addition to MHM’s offering and will meet many customers’ requirements for well-supported, well-engineered and affordable on-site recycling solutions.”

Marcos, General Manager of Jovisa says, “The new relationship with MHM Recycling takes Jovisa to a new level in the UK and Ireland markets and we look forward to serving many new customers.