With more and more waste being produced per person and our ever growing population, waste management is a topic we should all know about. Every day we are developing and designing new innovative ways to combat the ever increasing waste that is produced year on year. Technology has played its part in allowing us to deal with this issue with cleaner and more efficient techniques. However we still have problems that come with the disposal methods, whether they are being ignored or inadequately applied. Poor waste management can cause severe harm to our environment including pollution to our soil, air and water.

Soil Contamination

Landfill still remains one of main methods of deposing of vast quantities of waste; however, this comes with many disadvantages. The main drawback is the detrimental effect on the local environment, especially to the soil. When waste is land filled, it cannot me policed entirely and inevitably waste not fit for landfill will end up being buried. This is when Toxic substances and certain organic wastes can create soil contamination leading to various negative consequences on the land. It’s the plants and vegetation that is most effected, which ultimately changes the biodiversity of the region. Landfill will remain a method of disposing of waste and will always remain contentious.

Water Pollutionmhm-water pollution

Water pollution is still a severe issue that is associated with landfill
sites and dumps, when it rains onto these operations we see potentially
toxic liquids being formed after mixing with the waste. This hazardous
liquid can find itself creeping into the local rivers and lakes, creating
adverse effects on the plant and marine life.


Air Pollutionair pollution

As we are all aware, air pollution is an ever increasing problem, especially from landfills, the chemicals and gases evaporate over time from these sites and release unwanted materials into the air, which we all breath. A large bulk of this is methane gas, which is a enormous issue for governments as this directly contributes to the greenhouse problem. In a lot of countries there waste disposal methods are not regulated very well and can even cause acid rain, adding to the already unpleasant smells around the landfill sites.


When it comes to waste disposal, there are a lot of potential dangers and environmental problems. As time goes on, we are learning and discovering better, more efficient ways to reduce the risk of pollution and other negative effects. For more information about waste disposal and waste management, speak to our waste management team at MHM.