Recycling and waste management goes way beyond the physical processes that a business follows to dispose of excess materials. Everything a company does both for the purpose of profit maximisation and otherwise is under scrutiny, and waste management and recycling is no exception. Here are four key reasons why a company needs to think seriously about its waste management:

1. It’s a great PR opportunity.

The way your business’s image comes across to the general public is a matter of public relations. Being able to show the general public that you’re taking your recycling responsibility seriously by investing in the appropriate equipment is something you can shout about.

There are many channels for this such as your website, in mailouts and social media. The general public is becoming more involved with and conscious about environmental issues, climate change and recycling in general. Showing your commitment is seen as positive by most people.

2. It’s great for people within the business

Everybody from front-line staff through to shareholders will hold an opinion on recycling and the environment. When a company shows that it makes commitments outside the core business model, it demonstrates how running the business isn’t just profit-driven. This gives everybody the confidence that’s there’s an observation of what’s right and wrong and that the company isn’t just another faceless business entity.

3. It can be good for profit margins

Good waste management can be cost-saving. By taking a critical look at the way resources in the business are used it can highlight where cost-savings can be made. This would show the company in a positive light to all those who share in the success of the business, most notably shareholders.

4. Attention to waste management

We live in an era where privacy and data security is being taken more seriously than ever before. The introduction of GDPR is the most obvious sign of this alongside a new level of scrutiny of social media networks by governmental institutions. Business waste can often contain personal or commercially sensitive information that should not be in the hands of unauthorised people where there’s little to no control over the spread of such information. Having a good waste management process can ensure that such information is contained within the business.